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The Awesome Egyptian Quiz is a quiz that can be played in the Tomb.

As with all quizes, there are 3 levels of difficulty:Easy,Medium, and Difficult.

Questions and AnswersEdit

Egypt quiz question

Photo of a question in Awesome Egyptian Quiz.

What job was given to the very best Egyptian soldiers?

A. Guarding the Pharaoh's (Correct).

B. Making jam(Incorrect)

C. Teaching children manners (Incorrect).

What was the name of the ancient Egyptian book of prayers used to protect against evil spirits?

A. The Dangerous Book for Mummies(Incorrect).

B. 101 Ways to Protect against Evil Spirits(Incorrect).

C. Book of the Dead(Correct).

Egypt quiz location

The location of Awesome Egyptian Quiz in the Tomb.

When mummies were first discovered, people thought they were wrapped in”mumi”, a sticky black stuff that goes hard. What do we call “mumi” today?

A. Bandages(Incorrect).

B. Tar(Correct)

C. Toffee(Incorrect).

Which of these was a cure for blindness?

A. Mash up the eye of a pig with honey and red ochre and pour it into the patient's eye(Correct).

B. Remove both the patient's eyes and replace them with pebbles(Incorrect).

C. Get the patient to poke their eye with the pointy end of a pyramid(Incorrect).

What does “pharaoh”mean?

A. Handsome devil(pharaohs liked being flattered)(Incorrect).

B. Fairy (pharaohs were magical)(Incorrect).

C. Palace(the king's body was the human house for a god)(Correct).

Where was Tutankhamun buried?

A. A tent(Incorrect).

B. A graveyard(Incorrect).

C. A tomb

Pharaohs were kings, but they were also what?

A. Gods(Correct)

B. Pop singers(Incorrect)

C. Chefs(Incorrect)

mb hidden in the rocks(Correct).