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The main page for Rotten Rome Quiz.

The Rotten Rome Quiz is a quiz that can be played in the Colosseum.

As with all the quizes, there are 3 levels of difficulty:Easy,Medium, and Difficult.

Questions and AnswersEdit

Who could a Roman soldier marry?

A. No one(Correct).

B. A slave(Incorrect)

C. A Roman(Incorrect)

Bodies were carried to funerals...

A. Lying down(Incorrect)

B. Standing up(Correct)

C. In a box(Incorrect)

Roman spear-heads snapped off when they hit something. Why?

A. The Romans made them to break off(Correct)

B. They were made of rubbish British iron(Incorrect)

C. They weren't real spears, they were just for show(Incorrect)

Why did the Romans have trouble burying the traitors Drusus and Nero?

A. They weren't dead and kept digging themselves out of the grave(Incorrect)

B. They were wearing invisibility cloaks so none could see them(Incorrect)

C. They'd been to chopped into so many pieces it was hard to collect them all to bury them(Correct).

What would you use instead of toilet paper in the army toilets?

A. Your underpants(Incorrect)

B. A sponge on a stick(correct)

C. Your sword(Incorrect)

What language did the Romans speak?

A. German(Incorrect)

B. Elvish(Incorrect)

C. Latin(Correct)

Claudius usually had a runny nose

A. False(Incorrect)

B. True(Correct)