Here is a timeline of all of Horrible Histories World's greatest moments.



Horrible Histories World Beta Version is launched.


June 3

Pin the Spot on the Pirate Quest is launched.

June 22

The current form of Horrible Histories World is launched.

New Roman costumes are added to the Savage Shop, prices rise, and Mummy Madness and Knight Invaders is launched.

June 23

Egyptian,Tudor,Pirates,and Middle Ages costumes are added to the Savage Shop.


July 2 The security that prevents accounts being made outside of the UK is launched.

July 14

Anubis,Queen,King,and Knight are added to the Savage Shop.

July 18

The Damsel's Hat and the Rotten Rules are released.


August 1

Horrible Histories World is officialy launched,

Emotes and the game button(then unworking) is released.

The Tiger in the Basement is swicthed a treasure chest.


Many new furniture items are released throughout the month.