Happy New Year 2012!

Here's a run-through of what's happened of Horrible Histories World during the past year(well the last 9 months or so).

May saw the launch of the Beta Version of Horrible Histories World.June saw the arrival of Pin the Spot on the Pirate Quest,the current form of Horrible Histories World is released, new games and new costumes.

July sees the account-preventing security put up, the Rotten Rules set up, and newer, better costumes added to the Savage Shop.

August sees Horrible Histories World officialy launched, emotes and the game button are launched, and Swapit treasure hunts start.

September sees personal rooms launched for all players, and new furniture is launched.

October sees more new furniture items launched and the first new game since the lanuch of Horrible Histories World, Chops Away.

November saw a new game,The Rat Runs,more Grisly Gallery weekly winners,new HH ebooks, and the start of the Grisly Gallery weekly winner competitions.

December saw the first ever freebie,more Grisly Gallery winners, and a new members-only game called Tomb of Terror!

So that's it! I'll post more recent news soon.

And Happy New Year 2012!