Hello, world! It's great to be back!

Just been on the HH World website and I saw something sweet!

A new Horrible Histories World Blog has arrived,along with it's first post!

I know it's a bit late(the post was released 4 days ago), but either way, here it is!


"I’ve scurried up the lift shaft and crawled through the pipes to get behind the scenes at Horrible Histories Towers and I’m more excited than when I find a left over cheese and pickle sandwich in the rubbish!

There’s a new game coming to the virtual world and it’s the smelliest one yet! Introducing … *drumroll* …The Rat Runs! The Romans have got the runs and your loo is only half built! Can you finish it in time or will my brothers and sisters get there first and cause a pooruption? See if you can beat us rats and earn yourself some groats.

Till the next time, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

So there you have it! A new game! Wow! I have gotta make a page of that as soon as I can!

Okay pals! Gotta fly!

P.S: If you've been checking out the HH Blog on, you would have noticed the post about the other new game, Chops Away(the last post the about HH World, now all news is put directly on the HH World website). I didn't put any blog post about the game(I forgot) but I will put the post on the wiki page for Chops Away(and this blog post will go to the Rats Runs page).

OK, good. See ya!