Hi people! Here are the latest updates!


There's a new freebie out! It's called the Crown, if you had a account on on 12th of January, then you probably have it, cause it was given to every player on that day.

There've been two cool drawing on the Grisly Gallery by Naomi20 and Rosedogeypt this month. Check them out and others in the News section of the Horrible Histories World webiste(link at the end of this post).

And what's really cool is told in this next bit from the lateest HH World blog post:

Over the next few months, the folks at Horrible Histories Towers will be rolling out some exciting new changes in the world. First they've decided that it's no good having to run away from mummies or fling pigs at soldiers if you don't have the right outfit, so from today they've brought the cost of clothes down. So you'll
be able buy that perfect outfit just that little bit sooner.I'll keep bringing the latest news when I have it so keep checking back for brand new news.Till the next time don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Cool! I wonder what the the changes are? Mabye an entire new world. Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Gotta fly and make more pages!